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We would like to announce the kick-off of our 2020 “Jackets for the Homeless Drive”. But before we get into the details –

We also want to be realistic in addressing the fact that we are in a much different situation than we were at this time last year, with our 2019 Jacket Drive. With the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all facing unprecedented and unpredictable impacts on a daily basis. These very challenging times have resulted in a number of concerns, including health risks, anxiety, financial uncertainty, pain and grief, and these are the issues that are utmost on our minds.

It is with some hesitation, therefore, that we are continuing to move forward with a Jacket Drive for 2020.  We do not want to appear insensitive to the very real concerns that we face in our country by requesting donations for jackets.  However, it is also very clear that the resulting financial impacts of the ongoing pandemic bring an enhanced need to lend a helping hand.  And as the cold winter months will be here before we know it, we seek to lend a helping hand by providing a warm jacket to those in need.

In consideration of the above, we will be moving forward once again with a jacket drive this year.  We will begin to purchase jackets in the weeks to come, and start to build up our inventory. The distribution of jackets is anticipated to begin in October.

As we begin this year’s program, we first want to thank all who provided financial support and assistance with last year’s jacket drive.  With your help and your caring hearts, we were able to provide over 10,000 jackets to those in need throughout the Country, including approximately 42 homeless shelters, 48 different Catholic Churches, and 13 churches/temples of the Christian and Jewish faith. The number of jackets provided went far beyond our goal for the year, thanks to all of you!

With our 2020 Jacket Drive, we once again are asking for your help in making this year’s efforts a success.  If you are interested in participating, either through financial support or assistance in distributing jackets, please contact us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

In an effort to simplify our distribution efforts (and also because we are able to purchase our jackets directly from distributors in Los Angeles), the jackets provided through Transforming a Life are all newly purchased jackets. For this reason, we are respectfully requesting monetary donations only, as opposed to actual clothing donations.

Following are the methods available for donation:

  1. Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/donate/281580139767250/
  2. Go fund me https://www.gofundme.com/f/2020-jackets-for-the-homeless
  3. PayPal     paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/2838894
  4. Checks may be sent to:

Transformingalife      9717 Cinch Ring Ln,  Alta Loma CA 91737

As a reminder, please know that 100% of the funding received is used in purchasing the jackets/clothing, and the donations are tax deductible.

God’s blessings to you, and thank you again!

Zaki & Loretta Mustafa




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Our mission is to restore and support the basic necessities of life to the needy and homeless through the provision of basic warm clothing and food, and to support those non-profit organizations which provide them shelter, with the ultimate goal of decreasing the numbers of cold and hungry, so that they may conduct their lives in a happy and dignified manner.

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